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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dashing through the snow...

WHAT?!?! Get real!!! This is South Mississippi meaning we are expecting a high of 72 today!!! Yes, it is the 20th day of December here as well and no, Mother Nature does not have a clue that it is supposed to be cold and snowing!!! Oh well, my family and I may just sweat to death on Christmas day, but we WILL look good in our sweaters and jeans with the whole shabang {no, I am not sure that I spelled that correctly} of scarves, toboggans and mittens no matter the outside temps...WE WILL LOOK GOOD!!!

Okay, so the real reason that I am blogging today is to share a fun and easy last minute gift idea with y'all! You know, because you are sure to run into someone that you really should have gotten a gift for {but you completely forgot to since you have like a gazillion other things going on right now!}...yeah, for moments just like that! So, here ya go...head over to Our Best Bites and check out the candy bar wrappers...they are the PERFECT {oh snap! I forgot to get her a gift} gift EVER!!!

Okie dokie...I gotta run! You see, I have a fun group of ladies coming over tonight for a game of Bunco, food, gifts and fun and my house looks as if a bomb exploded within the walls!!! YIKES!!! I will make it happen!!!

Happy day to each of you and may you have a very BLESSED CHRISTmas!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like CHRISTmas...

but boy, it is at a VERY SLOW pace!!!

So, I wanted a "real" tree this year instead of artificial. In turn, this meant that it would not be wise to do my usual "have the entire house deorated two days after Halloween" routine {unless I would be perfectly fine with a dead tree a month before CHRISTmas} and boy has that put a snag in the entire decorating process. With the usual hustle and bustle that comes along with the holiday season, I am finding that my "real" tree has been up for three days now and still isnt completely decorated!!! As a matter of fact, my fall wreath still adorns the front door...ugh!!! Hopefully, I can finish up today...we shall see!

In paper crafting news, I am giving the December Daily a try. Goodness knows that I have enough CHRISTmas paper and embellishments to do like a gazillion ten of them! {Oh, come know that you have the same obsession with pretty paper!} I am also making a good bit of my CHRISTmas ornaments for the tree as well as our CHRISTmas cards, giftwrap and tags...yeah, I kinda put a tad too much on my holiday to-do list...kinda!

Okie dokie...time to get this party started...remember, I have a few things to get done today...

Stay warm and stay tuned as I may just find time to share some photos of all of the chaos :)

Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours...M

Friday, November 18, 2011

oops...totally forgot to share this mini with y'all...

Is that not the CUTEST thing ever?!?! Head over to Bella Blvd Blog for very detailed instructions along with FREE PRINTABLES!!!! Woo to the Hoo!!! I absolutely LOVE Stephanie and the entire Bella crew!!! And their products? OH EMM GEE!!!! Seriously makes me all jittery inside!!!! Thanks so much, Stephanie for all of your hardwork and dedication that you put into Bella...IT SHOWS!!!!

Okie dokie...I will leave you alone so you can go snag that ADORABLE {and FREE} mini for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!!!

Oh, btw...I do not intend to use this cutie for Thanksgiving solely. I will simply place a piece of coordinating Bella Blvd. paper over the "questionnaire" and create a place to add photos and journaling of  my own. These graphics are so much so that the pages can be flipped and flopped, altered and so much more!!!

Happy scrappin'!!!!


Thanksgiving Catch Up...

Good Friday morning y'all!!! Dont you just love it when life throws you one curve ball after another and weeks have passed you by before you know it?!?! Yeah, me too....

Anywho, I wanted to do a little catching up on my "Im thankful for..." posts {it was much easier to stay on track via FB...}, so here ya go:

Day 4: My kiddos...seriously, how boring would my life be without them?!?! Love them to pieces!!!

Day 5: My, I do not live in a huge house made of brick and mortor, but I do live in our 16X80   mobile HOME...where we laugh, love, disagree often, forgive one another and so much more!!!!

Day 6: Electricity...oh how the summers can be dreadful here in South Mississippi, so it is VERY nice to have air conditioning to help us cool off and then there is the occasional {never saw that one coming} snow fall that we are cursed blessed with every now and then...soooo grateful to have that electricity to help us stay warm!!!

Day 7: My eyesight...just being able to see my childrens faces {as well as the many other loves in my life} and God's beauty all around us....SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!

Day 8: Technology...I would totally be lost if I did not have internet...SERIOUSLY!!! You see, I am at home all day long with FIVE wee ones {ranging from 3 months to 3 years}, so it is very nice to have some sort of connection with other adults {you know, the people that I do not have to assist to the restroom and/or wipe their snotty runny noses...or have them wiped on my pants leg!} Do not get me wrong, I love these little people, but....

Day 9: My kiddos teachers...they are WAY underpaid in my opinion {since you asked}!!! I really could not ask for any better people to teach and care for my kiddos each day of the week!!! I know that they care for them as if they were their own...Thank you, Lord for blessing me!!!

Day 10: Modern know those curve balls that I mentioned earlier?!?! Well, lets just say that I despise my annual bout {sp?...not sure why that word looks strange...did I spell it correctly? too lazy to google} with bronchitis, but I am soooo very thankful for the meds that the dr prescribed!!!

Day 11: Pinterest...OH. MY. GRAVY. That has to be the most addicting site EVAH!!!! Yes, I know that I have already share my obsession love for this site, but it really is worth checking out if you are still living under a rock {I kid, I kid!} have not done so already!!! I am thankful for the quiet time that comes with my pinning and for the loads of inspiration also!!!

Day 12: Memories...with the holidays approaching rapidly, I soooo miss my Mamaw Mollie!!! She was such a special lady and I am so very grateful that I have many, many wonderful memories of her. This will be the fourth Thanksgiving since she left us and I can honestly say that it is those memories that get me thru the holiday.

Day 13: Ember...this would be my oldest daughters BFF!!! You see, my Mollie Girl has been thru so much this past year....seriously, more than I could ever bare...especially at the age of 13. However, with Ember's friendship and care, Mollie has pulled thru the darkest of times. Ember wants nothing more than to see Mollie smile again and she does something each and everyday to make it happen. What more can a mom ask for than for their child to have such a friend?!?!

Day 14: Scrapbooking paper, my ATG and lots of inspiration...seriously, scrapbooking is very therapeutical for me and it allows me to share all of the wonderful memories that I have with generations to come.

Day 15: My job...I really cannot tell you how much I love all of the little ones that I care for daily!!! Yes, there are times that I become overwhelmed {you know, when both of the 3 year olds need to go potty and require my assistance...the 2 year old has just gone potty on himself and the two babies are both screaming at the top of their lungs because they are hungry NOW and may have gone potty on themselves also?}Yeah, that kinda overwhelms me, BUT once the storm is calmed and everyone is sleeping or playing...I am reminded how blessed I am. This job allows me to be at home with my own sweet Lakon Matthew and also allows me to be a part of these other precious lives. A huge THANK YOU to the parents that have entrusted their little ones to my care!!!

Day 16: Our troops and their families...such huge sacrifices are made by these people. The troops leave their families for months at a time to ensure the safety and freedom of me and my family. THANK YOU!!!

Day 17: My health...despite my recent bronchitis diagnosis, I am fairly healthy. So many people are facing illnesses that there may/may not be a cure for. Thank you, Lord for blessing me!!!

Day 18: My hubby...yes, I did mention him at the beginning of this "I am thankful for..." journey, but the man is worth the double recognition!!! He really does so much for me and the kiddos {he isnt perfect by far, but neither am I} and I will never be able to thank him enough!!! Love you, T!!!

Okie dokie...I am caught up for now!!! Hoping to stay on track from here on out, but dont place me next to the turkey on the carving board if I fail...pretty please!!!

Have a great weekend...I am off to feast with my handsome Liam now :)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

just popping in with another giveaway...

and you are NOT gonna want to miss it!!! Head over to Tip Junkie's Blog for a chance to win a brand spanking new Silhouette Cameo!!!!

Gotta feed the wee ones and do a little laundry then I will be back to do a little catch up!!!

Happy day to each of you...M

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 of Thanksgiving...

Where would I be without the care and guidance of my wonderful parents?!?!

I thank the Lord everyday for my parents...they taught me about God and nurtured my spiritual growth...they made sure that I had what I "needed" and gave me what I "wanted" when they saw fit...taught me many life lessons {and picked me up when some didnt go as planned}...taught me the importance of family. I will forever be grateful!!!

Love you both!!!

Happy day to all...M

Day 2 of Thanksgiving...

Today, I am thankful to have this man in my life...a wonderful, hard-working husband and father. He works from sun up until sun down to provide for our family...has even done so when not feeling well {like the time he had the flu...104 temp along with it...and while down in his back...SERIOUSLY!!!}. Nevermind the fact that he is a welder and has done so inside of a massive tank with temps soaring well above 120 degrees!!! Talk about having a HOT man in my life :)

There is absolutely no way that I will ever be able to completely express my gratitude to him for all that he does.

Thank you for loving me, matter what!!! Love you with all of my heart!!!